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Here are some guidelines we have for the types of stories that we would love to hear about: 
What makes a good story: 
1. IT’S PERSONAL – rather than facts / numbers, a person or group that has had their lives transformed by Jesus  
[example: a street child who meets Jesus and starts selling shoes each morning until he’s made enough money so he can then be a lay minister planting churches in the afternoons… or a church that that was shut down due to dwindling that is reopened and re-imagined to reach the Hispanic community now surrounding it]
2. SPECIFIC EXAMPLES – there are visual examples that illustrate the journey before and after transformation 
[example: a woman who wasn’t able to conceive who was prayed for on a Christian radio station and sent in a picture of her baby boy a year later]
3. WOW FACTOR – does this story share something new?  Or an inspiring story that reminds you of God’s goodness? 
[example: as a church in LA was being planted and the intercession team had a significant time of prayer, all unemployed church members got jobs]
In particular, please look for stories with topics that will equip and inspire church planters – for example, like: creativity, technology, collaboration, how to create strategy, how to raise funds, encountering old mindsets, sacrifice, opposition, identity, unity, building connection, vulnerability, rest, burn out, sustaining your own prayer life, loneliness / teams, coaching and mentoring church planters, family life, peace in the midst of pressure, finding fun, success metrics vs God’s ‘well done’, the battle of the mind, working with your bishop, winning over the diocese, catechism, leading people to Christ. 
written word: 300-400 words
video: less than 1 minute
Please also consider dynamic photos that illustrate the key parts of the story.  We like to include photos for each article.
Thank you so much in advance for your input!  We will be in touch to discuss the stories you share. 

We can all
play our part!

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