Resource Churches: A Story of Church Planting and Revitalisation

This month’s resource is a chapter from the recently released book, Resource Churches. 


Resource Churches is a handbook for anyone interested in creating and using or simply discovering more about resource churches. These churches have a vision to plant and revitalise churches, influence cities and regions, and develop leaders for the church.  They are proving one of the most effective strategies for the church in recent years, with hundreds, even thousands of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ, many of them from the kind of backgrounds and demographics not commonly seen in contemporary churches in England.

Written by Ric Thorpe, Bishop of Islington, London Diocese, the book looks at the biblical, theological and historical roots of resource churches, before concentrating on the practicalities of how to launch an effective resource church.  Drawing on his extensive experience, it is full of practical wisdom and advice for resource church teams and diocesan leaders. The book also includes stories from those who have planted and lead resource churches, and from their bishops. Although the book is written from an Anglican perspective, its principles may be applied to similar churches in other denominations and sections of the church.

Recommended by bishops, archdeacons, and church leaders from across the Church, this book is faith-building and inspiring, seeing in the launching of these resource churches, a move of the Holy Spirit in our time.



The call to make disciples is from the Lord Jesus. When disciples gather for nurturing and are further discipled, the assembly of disciples is called ‘church’. The setting-up or recognition of the resource church is crucial and important for every diocese. It is the driving force, training centre, focal point for mission-sending and resource-sharing for the revitalisation or new church plants. Bishop Ric Thorpe has certainly captured the essence of the resource church, including its theological understanding, the practicalities and challenges. 

RT REVD MOON HING NG, formerly Archbishop of South East Asia



Please click HERE to download Chapter 5 ‘The Importance of Resource Churches’ which explores why we need resource churches.  



If you would like to purchase Resource Churches, you can find it online at Amazon.  

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