NAMS 30th Birthday

Thirty years ago NAMS (New Anglican Missionary Society) was born as an Anglican order of church planters. Conceived in Durham, England, in 1973, it was formally organized in 1993 (first as the North American Missionary Society). In 1996, while the founder was serving in the diocese of Canterbury, the name was changed to fit the global calling that God had given. Today NAMS Companions (members of the society) serve on every continent.

The charge that was given to NAMS is a simple one: “To preach and teach Jesus Christ and him crucified; to plant new churches wherever God opens the door; to always obey the Holy Spirit; and to never break the Word of God.” Companions live under a common Rule, and follow a common method: first establishing a Base Community, then working to “Inspire, Train, Assist, and Plant” new work in partnership with others desiring to serve the great Final Command of the Risen Lord. (Mt 28:19)

The community celebrated its thirtieth birthday on 6 October, and has embarked on a ministry offering to the whole church, a series of gatherings called “Next 30,’ which are designed to encourage a renewed and deeper commitment to planting faithful new Anglican churches throughout the world, especially where no one else has gone.

Led by a global leadership team, NAMS breaks its ministry into three “mega regions’ (Asia/Pacific; Africa/Middle East/Americas) which in turn oversee work in fifteen mission regions, and then to all nations. In 2024 the founder, Revd Canon Dr Jon Shuler, PhD (Dunelm), will hand over the role of superior to The Rt Revd Josep Rosello.

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