Learning from the Three-Fold Missionary Model

We can all learn so much when we look to other countries and continents and learn from others, even if the contexts are very different from our own. During the MultiplyX 2021 church planting conference, hosted in June by the Gregory Centre in England, one of the main speakers was Bishop Moon Hing.

As an Anglican Bishop in West Malaysia and former Archbishop of Southeast Asia, Bishop Moon Hing is passionate about evangelism and church planting to reach people in different communities. He planted over 50 churches himself in both rural and urban areas and then as Archbishop, he encouraged his fellow priests to plant a further 50 churches. Bishop Moon Hing shared some of his wisdom and experience of planting in this video, made available by the Gregory Centre.

If you would like to see any of the other sessions, you can access the full MultiplyX 2021 conference on CCX Media.

If you are based in Africa, Asia or South America, please get in contact for discount codes at info@ccx.org.uk

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